“Produce food for the world and generate a passive income for decades"

“Produce food for the world and generate a passive income for decades"

The Project

Project Seed is a real world food production based online project developed by Enhanced Finance Solutions Ltd, Neas Egkomis, 33F Office 13 Egkomi, 2409, Nicosia Republic of Cyprus

Company No: HE 433188. in cooperation with Africa Invest.

With projectseed u are able to get in a joint venture and buy seeds for our international farming projects, starting from $ 1.000. 

The revenue is generated by the already operating company GrowExpress Limited, that is in the high-demand food business and has lucratively brought together key components through smart approaches.

Projectseed also does a lot for the land and farmers. By cultivating the land and educating Nigeria’s indigenous farmers, they are helping them achieve secure incomes, food security, internal stability and an improvement in the country’s climatic and CO2-based factors.

WIN WIN all the way – by making it easy to invest, any people around the world can now participate in the growing market of food.

About Growexpress

Growexpress is determined to transform Africa from a subsidy economy to environmentally friendly commercial agriculture.

Growexpress started with their own farms and have since expanded successfully and gradually by involving dedicated smallholders who are already in their network.

These were learned by growexpress through intensive training on their model farm in order to successfully implement the specially developed local methods of commercially adapted agriculture.

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