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Tireless journey to Conservation: Ashiq Ahmad Khan – Ev-K2-CNR Pakistan wins Kenton Miller Award

Ev-K2-CNR and Social, viagra order Economic and Environmental Development in the Central Karakoram National Park (SEED) Project feels proud of Mr. Ashiq Ahmad Khan on receiving prestigious Kenton Miller Award; Mr. Ashiq is associated with Ev-k2-CNR Pakistan as Scientific Representative and as well as Member of the Scientific Board. This achievement recognizes his services towards protected areas management at worldwide level. Mr. Khan has been awarded this honor at the on-going worldwide congress of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), link in Hawai, USA in the presence of hundreds of globally known natural resource and environment legends. Mr. Khan is not only the first Pakistani but also the first South Asian honored at this apex level.
“This is the first time this award has gone to the South Asia region, and it’s very fitting that it goes to Ashiq in his role as an innovator and leader in promoting co-management”, said Kathy Mackinnon, chair to the World Commission of Protected Areas. This award is named for Dr. Kenton R. Miller; one of the prominent figures in protected area conservation at global level, this award pays tribute novelty in communications, planning and management, finance and economics, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation, learning and capacity building, or governance.
Major contribution of Ashiq includes promotion of co management of protected areas, introduction of community managed trophy hunting initiative as conservation tool for the protection of Ungulates and other species from ruthless hunting, especially in the remotest parts of the Gilgit-Baltistan that was replicated in other provinces also and is now being considered as one of the most popular conservation tool. He contributed in the planning and management of Central Karakoram National Park, Khunjerab National Park, Machiara National Park, Chitral Gol National Park, Hingol National Park, Lal Suhanara National Park, Ziarat Juniper Bioshper Reserve and proposed Karakoram Pamir Biosphere Reserve. He further introduced Ethno-Botany as a new focus of research and tool for conservation of wild flora, especially medicinal plants. Mr. Ashiq contributed significantly to the conservation of various species, notably Cranes, Snow leopard, Crocodiles, Musk Deer etc in Pakistan; discovered new wetland and terrestrial habitats; identified important segments of major flyways and corridors of migratory birds.

For more information please visit Kenton Miller Award page and iucn.org.