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Ev-K2-CNR Committee

EVk2CNRThe Ev-K2-CNR Committee is an autonomous, sick non-profit association, pills which has promoted scientific and technological research projects in high mountain regions for more than 25 years, distinguished by the specificity and the excellence of the results achieved in the international scientific world.

With its constant presence on the mountain areas of Hindu Kush – Karakorum – Himalaya region in Nepal, Pakistan, China (Tibetan Autonomous Region), India, and with the creation and management of the Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory located at 5,050 meters a.s.l. in Nepal at the base of Mount Everest, a precious jewel universally recognised and appreciated for the high altitude research and study. Ev-K2-CNR Committee has given a new unique value to the mountain world, a rich basin from which it is possible to have information on the fields of Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Physiology, Anthropology, eco-efficient technologies and environmental management systems. Today, Ev-K2-CNR’s work is mainly organized via broad-scale integrated multi-disciplinary programs aimed at helping resolve urgent environmental and development issues.


Politecnico di Milano - Polo Territoriale di LeccoPolo territoriale di Lecco was founded in 1997 upon collaboration between the University and territorial bodies to satisfy the need for, in a highly industrial area with great employment potential, a university campus able to increase and drive collective growth through research and technological development.

The Lecco Campus offers a distinctly high level of education that encourages integration with the territory in terms of both the uniqueness of the entrepreneurial fabric and the campus’ own research initiatives. In fact, the study programmes, some of them unique to the Politecnico, have been designed to answer to the needs of local industries as well as to the requests from the global job market. Today, 19% of the entire student population who lives and studies in Lecco, and which amounts to more than 1,600, are foreign students. This constant growth rate seems to predict greater international participation in the near future.

Polo territoriale di Lecco is also committed to high quality and innovative research through the development of experimental activities and technological transfer. Close ties between our campus and numerous industries in Lecco permit both sectors to collaborate in didactic and research projects that have as common goal to maximize the potential of regional resources.


CnrThe National Research Council (CNR) is a public organization with general scientific research competence, supervised by the Minister of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
The CNR, within a framework of European cooperation and integration, has the task to carry out, promote, transfer, assess and enhance research in the major fields of knowledge. And applying the results to the scientific, cultural, technological, economic and social development of the country.
The CNR scientific network consists of over 100 institutes, divided into 7 Departments, with approximately 8,000 employees. Its size, its organization and its spread all over the country make the CNR the largest Italian research body, characterized by a high degree of multidisciplinarity that distinguishes it from all other bodies and it is one of the most important at international level.


Camera di Commercio di LeccoThe Camera di Commercio di Lecco was founded in 1993 after the Institution of the Provincia di Lecco and is an “Autonomous institution of public law which in the territorial district carry out function of general interest to the business system taking care of local economies development.
(Legge di Riforma n. 580/1993 e s.m.i)”. The institution – based on subsidiarity – valorizes the autonomy and the entrepreneurial, professional’s activities, industrial action, cooperation and consuming activities and other social organizations useful for the development and promotion of the system. The association carries out lots of roles, as companies Public Administration: innovation, research, technological transfer; internationalization; training and professional development; Registry of Businesses; Sportello Unico Attività Produttive (SUAP); market regulation and consumer protection, brands and licences; observers and economic information, access to credit; announcements and incentives, infrastructure and marketing planning and cultural initiatives.


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