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Himalaya (Photo: Wikimedia.org)

Himalaya (Photo: Wikimedia.org)

LECCO – Wednesday, stomach July 24th, cialis 2013. Scholars from all over the world for three days dealing with mountain and climate change.

Climate change is increasingly evident and influential. Changes which in the mountains are even more relevant due to a greater increase in temperature and to effects on the glaciers, cialis the water cycle and the entire mountain ecosystem. If many know that glaciers are retreating, few people know the profound consequences that climate change is likely to bring on the whole mountain system and beyond.


From 23rd to 25th October Lecco will host the High Summit Lecco 2013, a major scientific conference about these issues, organized by the EvK2CNR Committee together with the Politecnico di Milano – Polo Territoriale di Lecco, the National Research Council (CNR) and the Chamber of Commerce of Lecco.

“It is an honor to host in our city an international event as the High Summit” says Mayor Virginio Brivio. “The conference is included in the calendar of the initiatives of Lecco Città Alpina, an important award given last April by the Associazione Città Alpina dell’Anno”.
Scientists from all over the world and some of the highest knowledgeable experts at a national and international level on climate change will talk about its state of the art for three days creating a summary document that will be brought to the attention of the United Nations, during the Cop19 in Warsaw (Conference of United Nations on Climate Change). The conference is organized in eight sessions concerning, respectively: Climate, Mountain Ecosystems, Cryosphere, Water, Mountain National Parks, Socio-economical and environmental impacts on climate change, Mechanism of Carbon Credits, market-based tools for environmental policy. Two special focuses dedicated to the Alpine Convention and the role of mountains as part of Expo 2015 will introduce, during the third day, to the concluding sharing session of the summary document. About this Vico Valassi, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lecco, says: “The event is of certain quality and relevance to the territory of Lecco. It gives the chance of a great visibility and promotion at an international level, which can act as an incentive for the Expo, so that High Summit has a dedicated focus and anticipates with scientific accuracy the reflection on the themes of innovation, research and sustainability. We hope it will be a moment of strong involvement also of businesses and citizens”.
The conference, to which students and citizens are invited, will be held at the new headquarters of the Polo territoriale di Lecco of the Politecnico di Milano. The chance of an important conference at an international level on topics of current interest such as climate change and of profound scientific interest, could not but seen us involved in the front line – says the Vice-Chancellor, Marco Bocciolone – particularly in the year of Lecco Città Alpina and the implementation of a university campus of excellence that combines, under the aegis of technological and scientific progress, Politecnico di Milano and CNR”.

During the month of October, downtown a media pyramid will be set up. Symbol of the mountain and of the Italian research at high altitude, the pyramid, in plexiglass and aluminum, recalls the Laboratory-Observatory Pyramid built and managed by the EvK2CNR Committee in Nepal at the foot of Everest. The walls of the pyramid in Lecco will be equipped with interactive screens to inform about the events in the program and the topics of the conference. The aim of the High Summit, in fact, is also to inform and interest the non-experts, for this the www.highsummit.org website hosts, along with interviews and documents, a series of informative videos in which Alfred K. Everest is the main character, a yeti directly experiencing on himself the effects of climate change.
The final report of the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio “acknowledges the benefits arising from mountains as essential to sustainable development. Mountain ecosystems are in fact a vital resource of water for a large part of the world’s population and play a key role in the study and the understanding of the impact of climate change”.
“For this reason the “mountain issue” must become a priority in development programs and should become the subject of a comparison from scientific, political and economic points of view” says Agostino Da Polenza, President of the EvK2CNR who strongly wanted this conference. “The High Summit conference is based on these reflections and responds to these urgent needs. I am convinced that Lecco, a town to which I am linked for many reasons, with its mountains and its very high mountaineering tradition, may be the perfect place to bring these issues to the attention of politics and society, through the appointments of the United Nations to Expo 2015”.

www.evk2cnr.org – www.polo-lecco.polimi.it – www.cnr.it – www.lc.camcom.gov.it

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